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darkness1632's Journal
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Below are the 17 most recent journal entries recorded in darkness1632's LiveJournal:

Thursday, December 21st, 2006
9:01 pm
haha quizzes I love them so
Your Love Element Is Fire

In love, you are a true listener and totally present.

For you, love is all about feeling more alive than you've ever felt.

You attract others with your joy and passion.

Your flirting style is defined by your strong ability to communicate.

Fun and play are the cornerstones of your love life.

And while your flame may burn too brightly, it's part of your appeal.

You connect best with: Wood

Avoid: Water

You and another Fire element: will likely burn out quickly

Your 1920's Name is:

Zella Gregoria

Thursday, December 7th, 2006
11:40 pm

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Thursday, November 30th, 2006
11:30 am

Which member of the Ouran High-School Host Club are you?

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11:03 am
You scored as Remus Lupin. You are Remus Lupin. You are a kind person who can be quiet and thoughtful when you need to be. You have good friends, but you sometimes feel like it's hard to say no to them. You are a trustworthy, hardworking person, and because of this you have had many good opportunities in your life so far. Still, you do harbour painful secrets that you try your hardest to forget, though ultimately you know you never can.


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Current Mood: impressed
10:37 am
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YAY I love beauty and the beast its one of my most favoritest Disney movies ever!! ^_^ yay awsumez eheh

Current Mood: cheerful
Monday, November 27th, 2006
8:01 pm
hahah my quiz results
You scored as Buddhism. Your beliefs most closely resemble those of Buddhism. Do more research on Buddhism and possibly consider becoming Buddhist, if you are not already.

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Sunday, November 12th, 2006
9:34 pm
DUNN DUNN DUNN DUNN! nananana Fucking sweet I love this song. I cant wait to go the fuck home I miss being able to leave my room without having to feel like I am walking into a hosltle environment. This hot cold shit is really getting to me. I havnt really talked to anyone in a while. I just stay in my room and go to class I dont talk to any one not even people who I consider my friends. which is probably bad cause I live with them.
FUCK!!!! PHONE!!! Ahhh ohh man that scared the hell outa me. JEEZ!! omg!! wooo well I am awake now. AHHH AGAIN
it was da. glad to know she is feeling better. Yawn well not completely away. but thats what I get for not leaving my room all day I guess. I wish I had friends. it saddeds me. but it feels like people on ly want me around when the people they wanted to hang out with in the first place were busy. so I am like better than nothing.

appartment rant... yeah I said it
OMG THE PAN IN THE KITCHEN GOT WASHED!!! SORTA!! OK so someone made hamberger helper or some shit like that ( I dont eat it Eww ) and they left the pan with the meat and cheese unwashed on the turned off stove for 3 weeks... 3 WEEEKS!! OMG!! WHAT THE HELL MAN?? SEERIOUSLY WTF??? Uhh its nasty not as bad as the tuna that stayed there for week that was gross. but apperently no one understands the concept of cleaning. when I am fucking done with a plate I... I dont know ... CLean it?? its so nasty. the tuna was like rotting. at first I wasnt sure if it was the cat litter box cause that doesnt get cleaned very often.
I have also discovered that stepping in cat litter that is loose all over the floor is one of my lease favorite things. also that the cat only drinks out of the toilet so their is litter all over the seat too. I took my tooth brush outa the bathroom cause of the filth. but I am not cleaning it. if no one else cares then why should I fucking care. I just keep my room clean and nice. ^_^ it is my only sactuary.
-_- noo wait that should make me sad.. aww and it does. sigh. well hopefull I wont have to worry about this shit and it will all get worked out cause this money thing is pissing me off too. I dont eat any of the shit in the fridge only stuff that is mine and yet I am supposed to pay for a 3rd of a bill?? does no one notice that I dont eat any of the meals with them because I have already had my dinner?? nope apperently not. or they just dont care cause and they want money which is what I fear the care may be. Bull shit so much bull shit. and I dont like being treated this way. I want to go home but I dont want to be bothered with people. I really dont like people all that much.. and to think it all started with the cat and the tv... AHah ohh lies they make me laugh and have more reasons to distrust people. such FUCKIN BULL SHIT I HATE IT SO FUCKING MUCH. Fine you dont care if it makes me sick and your gonna bring the cat. just dont lie to me about it. that really pissed me off.

thank gawd for my tv cell and computer. who needs outside when you have them.

My mom was worried about me she was gonna call whitney to come over and see if I wanted to do anything today. and I was like umm mom I have work?? and I just dont want to deal with any one. at all. I am not up to human contact today or probably any other day. Silly parents depression is for art students

I miss having freinds who treat me like friends

Current Mood: angry
7:56 pm
wow I completely forgot I had this thing. hmm interesting. well now i dont really know what to say.

hmmm I guess I will just post a quiz result because it amused me

<td align="center">Kindness

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Current Mood: relaxed
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
3:36 pm
aww I graduated... I am sad now... I have nothing to do... sigh.. i dont know...

had my graduation party yesterday. it was fun Emily Teresa Rob & Autumn went. Emily had to go home first and then autumn came late and left a while later. Teresa called her mom so she could sleep over. Teresa Rob and I watched adult swim untill like 1:30 then rob had to go home lol. It was funny and it was like 3 billion degrees too uhhh I wish the tv was still in the basement its so much cooler down there. ahhh its sooo freaking hot!! need air... uhhhgg


Current Mood: tooo hottt... >:(
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
8:55 am
Numa Numa Dance kicks ass!!!

ohh my back hurts soo bad.. I feel all sick and yucky today.. mom says I dont have to go to school tommarow. I must look mad shitty if she says I can stay home.. sighh.. Ohh well more time to get my home work out of the way.

Which is always good

I am going to see Gary this week end. Yay, and if the weather isnt being a whore then my plans will stay soo. I was supposed to go last weekend but it snowed like crazy.

I have a head cold.. sigh.. I dont know how i got it either. No one has been sick around me. I never get sick.. or is it that I never get sick days ohh from school? Cant remember.. Ohh well

I have been feeling really bad recently.. Stupid year book. For year book we had to get a bunch of pictures for our Video year book.. we start from baby pics ( no problem I have tons and tons of them around) then Todler ( no problem ) then Teen... ( umm how bout noo? ) I dont have any pictures of me from like age 12 and older.. I tore them all up.. when people say those are the ugly years they show their children a picture of me for an example... thats how bad it was.. not to mention.. I WAS SOOO FUCKING UGLY.. or uglier than I am now, if possible.. dont know..its sad thats all.. I swear if Teresa puts that pic of me and her in the video year book I am going to cry...I will probably cry now thinking about how much I hate myself in that picture.. She doesnt get it.. you love the pic well thats fucking great.. Dont drag my ugly fuckig face into this *PLEASE...* Other people may look at a picture and think of wounderful memories.. but when I look at it I see every bad thing that was sad to me that day.. How much I hated every one and how much I hated and still do hate myself..

why cant my stupid school just fucking understand that I hate myself and that its bad enough that I am stuck with this.. I have to see it every damn day when I get up.. like its not bad the fuck enough they put pictures of me on the board.. yeah.. thanks fuckers next time you put my picture on the hallway boards ask me first.. you would think they would get it after you tore the picture down for the billionth time..


Current Mood: cranky
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
11:58 am
: (
I feel bad today.. I will have to shedual in some time for a good cry, I am far too busy right now..

Stupid year book page. I think its do tommarow? I dont know.. I am glad I wrote that thing up a day earlier. I dont think its gonna be long enough though.. I will probably have to add to it. Stupid highschool you suck monkey balls I hate you! I hate this bitch on my bus too. She is a whore bag. I hope she gets explosive Herpies! cause those totally exist or something... -_o

I am sad.. Sad I am.. something some thing green eggs and ham?

Aww My mom is in a bitch mood again.. She yelled at me cause I didnt shade a painting right according to her.. Umm Ok goood reason to yell..? I have to do this fucking book cover or something too.. I dont want to do it cause my mom is just gonna yell about it. If she would just leave me the fuck alone then maybe I would do it..I dont think i really want my shitty work on the cover of a book any way..

I had more wierd dreams they were scary though.. I was running down a street and I was passing all these people I know but I was lost at the same time. I was running so fast I couldnt see the ground under my feet. It was night time.. and I was along in a crowd of people. I was looking for something or someone I dont know. Then I ran untill there were no more street lights and all the people were gone. I got really scared and I knew something bad was going to happen. I jumped back from the darkness and into the light of the street lamps and got ready for a fist fight. ( solves everything ...) So I saw something move and I kicked my leg up to block it as it lunged at me. But my limbs were suddenly so heavy and I was soo tired that I couldnt fight back. It was some scary guy in a hoodie and he threw me down and told me not to scream or he would kill me. ( this in weird because I am normally kickng ass in my dreams, I dont know maybe I need anger management or something cause I dont get mad while I am awake?) So he threw me donw and pinned me and I dont know he was a scary rapist or something. So I was really scared and then I was like fuck this and I started to struggle and then I hit him in the face. but he was so strong that I couldnt get him off me so i kicked and yelled for help but no body came to help me. so I fought back for the longest time. My limbs were so heavy and I was so tired that it didn't seem to matter... then I woke up cause my alarm went off....

Thats all.. umm I got out early from school today.. I was nice.. Emily came over too it was fun.. We pissed Casey HOe (joe) off on the bus.. haha aww I am a little less sad now.. I have to go to sleep now though...

night night
<3 Mary xoxox

Current Mood: depressed
Sunday, March 6th, 2005
8:55 am
umm booo
umm yay I had a shitty time going to see my dad.. he was a bitch today! I only see him every other Sunday. He could at least be sorta nice to me.. guess it was too difficult.. He is all pissed cause I cant go to Greece with him this year. To see my brother and aunt and Uncle and cousins.. NOne of them speak english any way... What the hell am I going to do while I am there any way?? He is just pissed cause I am going to Ireland in April.

Umm Ummm YAY gary is on.. SO I can talk to him! umm yayayya.. AHhh I hate Paris Hilton!!! she is a nasty slut bitch anorexic whore with a giant troll nose and plastic hair!!..!!!I want to kick her in the crotch with steel toed boots so her vagina breaks and she wont be good for any thing any more and then she wont be famous!! yay..!! that would rock

Owwwy! I went to open my mint and then it shot out of the little plastic rapper and hit me in the EYE!! That is soo painful! lol.. but also funny !! aHAHHA

umm I dont know
Ohh yeah I had another weird dream.. I was in my house but when I looked out the windown it was an ocean. and this guy was yelling at me to get packed because the ship was sinking and we would have to swim to a island..? But it was wierd because it was my room but just with an ocean outside. and the whole house kept bobbing up and down. so I started packing and all these kids from my school came in and started trying to help me pack. And then I got all my stuff togeath I opend my bed room door and it was a huge hall way with water flowing through it and mice were crawling up the walls trying to escape the sinking ship ( or house) and the so the guy ( I think he was the captain ) told me to get into the life boat. So I looked down and there was this really really small boat like made out of twigs and string.. I dont know how it kept us a float but it did and so we got into the boat and pushed away from my room's door and like shot up the raps in the hall way and out into the ocean.. I dont know why..? then I saw this island and so we started paddleing and then we got there and all these people I know were there and the island was really nice and there were lots of palm trees.. I liked it there. umm then I woke up.. wow its kinda sad when the most interesting part of your day happens when your asleep.. ohh well

I think I am having weird dreams cause I am sleeping at the foot of my bed rather than the head.. maybe... you should try it! and then tell me about it! I dont even know if people read this but.. umm yay
I should go brush my teeth and wash my face now! nighty night
( ohh yeah Gary was in my dream too and we snuggled ^_^ hehe yay snuggles )

Night night
<3 Mary xoxo

Current Mood: amused
Saturday, March 5th, 2005
6:53 am
..... : (
I feel sad. I dont know... I havent been really happy for a while now.. I hate being this high matenace. It makes me angry. Which is probably better than being sad. Ohh well.. I havent talked to Gary in a while. He is working really hard in school. ( I think my mom just burnt dinner cause I smell smoke..? ) I want to umm I dont know what I want. I just hope the same thing doesnt happen like last time. That really sucked. Stupid Person I still hate you. You were supposed to be my friend. I dont trust them any more, I never will. I dont trust alot of people. I am probably better off that way. I dont like getting close to people, there is always that chance that they are just going to hurt you. I am sooo stupid. aww fucking hell.. I wish I could go back to sleep. and have some more cool dreams. My dream last night kicked ass.
I was in a video game or something. I was this weird character with white hair and really pale skin and red eyes. no wait that would make me albino. yeah I guess I was Albino in my dream, I wore all white too. Odd cause I hate wearing white. And I was in this really dark underground cave system and It was my job to rescue this princess or something cause she got kidnapped and taken to the deepest part of the cave. I had this other weird little thing or something following me the whole time too. I dont remember it though. It was like the whole think happed under water too. SO I had to fight these giant scary skelleton monsters to save the princess. She was a real bitch by the way. She was like " noo I am too scared your just going to get me killed! I will wait here for someone else to rescue me!!" So I punched her in the face and threw her over my shoulder. Stupid princess..So I get to the last tunnel before the exit and I see a shadow of this huge thing so I hide with the princess and that other thing that was with us behide a sheet. I dont know why there was a sheet in the scary cave but there was.. So I hide and see the siloete of the monster go by. And it stopped in front of the sheet and starts clawing at it., for some reason it cant get threw it. SO I go I am fucking sick of waiting for this thing to more and I grab the princess and the little green weird thing and tear open the sheet. THis monster thing is huge!! its a skelleton thing. Its got the bodie of a bull with a human skull and scorpion claws! and in slow motion I run and jump over it and when it goes to grab me I twist off its head. I ran toward the light and as I hear it behind me I throw the princess and the green guy threw the opening and into the light. As I am about to go threw my self I wake up. It was weird .. thats all

I got to go cook for my dog now.. Maybe gary will call me later he said he would.. I dont think he will though : (

Current Mood: depressed
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
9:12 am
on the up side
yay we started doing Human Evolution in Science, At Last... I have only been waiting for 4 damn years.. And even if I hate the teacher and have no friends in the class I am still totally excited about it!! yay

I think its really facinating. aww I cant under stand those people who believe in creationism. It boggles my mind. How can you not accept evolution when ther is soo much evidence to back it up? Its nuts.. Ohh well I dont want to argue with myself about it.. every one is entitled to their own oppinions... Yawn.. I am tired. I stayed up mad late yesterday.

It was teresa's dad's birthday. It was pretty fun. We had Vegan Cake cause they are mad crazy hippies lol. they rock though..! I am going to Ireland with them in April. I just got my Passport in today. I look terrifying in it. Like I am going to prision or something.. uhh I hate my face.. stupid pictures. I look soooo ugly in allll of them.. but one day when I am the only person left on the planet for some odd reason... I will be considered pretty! yesshh !!

Ya know this is my live journal I am doing this for my own ammusement I dont need to have it make any sence... >: (

aww I am still sad.. Stupid thing that makes me sad that I wont talk about cause I dont want to tell any one, including an online journal that cant talk back...

ahhhh I am Sad and I dont know what to dooo about it!! I dont want to go back on my meds cause they suck and the med doctor scares the hell outa mee!.. I dont want to go back to that lady who listens to you talk either she was creepy too. Aww I will just let my thoughts bubble over in me brain...

<3 mary
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
4:42 pm
noo school
Aww yess I didnt have to go to school today.. Thank goodness. I was soo tired yesterday I kept falling asleep in class, and on the bus ride home and to school. I drank like 4 cups of tea when I got home hoping to stay awake.

But noo school today. We only had a two hour delay but ya know Ma didnt want me to go in this crappy snow. I helped her shovel and we got our washing machine fixed. So its all good now. I still have to do my math home work from yesterday. I soo dont know how to do it. I'm going to bomb that class. Why do I have to be so math retarded. aww.. Its just like the Mcass. I got the highest score in the school for verbal but lost points in math.. grr.. You wouldn't know I got a good score in writing from my journal entries though. haha. ohh well these are just for fun. Some were to put all my thoughts down. Cant have them all in my head cause it would explode into millions of pieces.. yup that's what would happen.. sure is..

I miss gary.. I didnt get to talk to him yesterday. He didnt call either. :( sadness I hope he calls today. Maybe he was busy with school stuff. I wounder what he is doing now, probably still in class. What time is it? ohh its 4:48 he is definately still in school.

I get to go to Teresa's house tommarrow.. Yay! I havent gotten to go over there in a while. I miss hanging out with her. Its hard cause lots of people have jobs on fridays and I have my dad on Sundays. I have to see him this Sunday cause I cancled on him last week I was sooo tired. My week was really busy and I needed to get some home work done. Not that I did do any work that weekend... I really should though.

Hey I had a coffee where did it go? I should proably worry about that before I knock it over on my white carpet. God that would suck. and Mom has been soo on edge lately. She starts spazing out and screaming over nothing. That was why I was so tired she was yelling at me about someting from 10:00pm to 12:30 I just wanted to walk away and go to sleep. I hate it when she does that to me on Sunday nights. Doesnt she know that I have school the next day... aww well nothing I can do just sit it out and wait for her to stop bitching..
<3 Mary xoxo
4:41 pm
aww... sigh
Sigh.. I feel like a sad sad mongoose today.. stupid sadness you suck and i think I would kick you in the face if I got the chance. I really would... >: (

I was doing pretty good till I talked to Danielle... She brings me down. How can you be friends with some one who is bound to destroy themselves? I dont know. But all things are doing is going down hill. She could turn her life around, she really could. She just chooses not to. Why dont people ever take my advice. If she had taken my advice 3 years ago things would be sooo different now. Maybe she wouldn't see shit cause of the LSD that is still in her spine... stupid why the fuck dont people believe me when I tell them there are consequences for there god damn actions. Trying to help her is like watching some body die. There is nothing you can do no matter how hard you try. You can stay by there side and tell them you care but there is nothing you can do about it just watch them get worse and worse untill they are no longer the person you knew
...She just keeps making more and more bad choices. I have known her since she was 3 years old, and maybe its been a long time since she was the todler who wore protective glasses and wheezed when she took her inhaler but I would like to remember her that way... that was the good times. Before that mother fucking bastard Patrick who I told her would hit her ( and he did ) but no one listens to me... Before she started with the drugs the drinking the eating disoreders and the sucide attemps. The never ending quest to please her mothing. Why did it have to turn out this way? I dont know.. but I can't keep trying to save some one who doesnt want to be saved.. I still cry every time I think about how things used to be.. We really were the best of friends. We shared every thing with each other and when every thing seemed to be going to hell we always had eachother.. but some where along the way we lost that, and I lost my best friend. She isnt the same person I knew all those years ago. and even if we still talk online now and then it can never be the same.. things can't go back to the way they used to be. no matter how much I wish they could. I know that now.

All I have to say is that I will miss you soo much DA I will never forget the memories we share the trips we went on and the all the laughs we had, all those years growing up togeather. I have to let you go now. I cant be there all the time to give you advice that you wont take any more.

Your friend forever
Monday, February 28th, 2005
9:13 pm
umm first entry
ummm, yay my first entry this is good... right? umm I dont have any friends on here so no one can read this.. or who would want to.. I am soo boring yay. and my spelling sucks even better!

yay I am soo not doing any of my Home work!!! cause home work sucks!! yeshh. I have to do my math though.. I hate math with burning passion. But instead of doing any work I read manga and talked to friends! yeshh I am a real winner!!! ( I dont know how well live journal portrays my biting sarcasm, haha I cant spell.)

Current Mood: amused
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